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Ice Scene

Designed in honor of Winterfest. This scene gives the illusion that the wall is freezing over. The video demonstrates the visual and sound design a patron would experience walking down the hallway.

Projection Design

At Stepping Stones Museum, I am responsible for designing and programming large-scale displays. These light shows are seen by hundreds of visitors per day as they move between different parts of the museum. My designs leverage two short-throw laser projectors which are edge-blended to create a seamless image and mapped to the wavy contour of the ceiling. Developed to complement museum exhibits and events, they were a unique opportunity to connect with audiences. 

Fluorescent Cave Scene

This scene complemented the museum’s newly installed Lights On! exhibit. The fluorescent cave comes to life after the UV lamps flicker on. Complete with sound design and a colony of bats.

Tetrimino Scene

Inspired by my love for video games, this scene was a creative way to utilize the custom-mapped projection area. Notice how the tetriminos fall around and on top of the windows and doors. Hit play to see the wall get engulfed by Tetris blocks and hear sound effects. 

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